Upcoming Dates


Manstein Str. 4
Berlin, Brandenburg 10783
004930 216 29 73 [map]

Past Dates

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Cafe Bar S├╝dwest
Tony Hurdle Trio - 8pm doors open at 7pm
S├╝dwestkorso 64
Berlin 12161
030 827 01 300 [map]
Price: TBA

Jazz on a Monday nite combined with some Yuletide cocktails. Last trio

gig for 2019. Tony Hurdle(tbone) Alexey Wagner(gtr) Axel Obert(bass)

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Jazz Nite at Leydicke's - 9pm
Manstein Str. 4
Berlin, Brandenburg 10783
0302162973 [map]
Price: Free

Jazz in Schöneberg on a Friday nite with the Tony Hurdle Trio

Tony Hurdle(tbone) Lionel Haas(pno) Erich Abshagen(bass)

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

A Trane
Guardians of the Groove - 9pm
Bleibtreu Str. 1
Berlin, Brandenburg 10625
303132550 [map]
Price: TBA

Tony Hurdle's Guardians of the Groove started "funking" this club out in 1996 and we're back again.

A Trane is one of the number one Live music clubs in Berlin and the sound is fabulous. Come on down and

grab a few cocktails and shake that thing,we recommend that you make reservations.

Tony Hurdle(Tbone) Charles Wynn(Vocals) Torsten Piper(Tenor Sax) Mike Segal(Alto Sax) Mike Watts(Bass)

Florian Von Freiling(Gtr) Joe Di-Carlo(Drums)